Spicy Black Bean Hummus

This recipe is fabulous for anyone who likes spicy and wants a change from traditional hummus. Serve with pita chips, a spread with a hearty bread or as a dip.

Cashew Tofu Mayo

This is simple and flavorful! It makes a great replacement to traditional Mayonaise. It’s also freezer friendly.

Deviled Eggs

These are so amazing! You can’t tell that they are plant-based. This recipe can be easily adapted to be used for egg salad sandwiches or adding eggs to your favorite potato salad.

Mock Liver Pâté

This is a very tasty spread that goes beautifully with crackers or hearty breads.

Pita Chips

These pita chips are a healthier option than anything fried and they provide a satisfying crunch.

Polenta Butter

Tasty and spreads like butter without the saturated fat!

Millet Butter

Creamy, delicious and spreads like butter. It’s also freezer friendly!