Okara “Meatloaf” Loaf

This recipe has been adapted from Ten Talents by Frank and Rosalie Hurd. The first time I made this I was pleasantly surprised how tasty this loaf was and discovered it to be a great way to use up okara.

Faux Salmon

This is an absolutely delicious recipe! The original recipe was found in Vegan Mastery by VegHealth Institute. This is my adapted version. Learn more how kelp, nori and dulse can be added to vegan foods to give a fishy flavor.

Veggie Dogs (gluten)

These veggie dogs have a wonderful flavor and texture. Don’t let the long list of spices scare you off. That’s what gives the reminiscent hotdog flavor.

Veggie Burger (tofu mushroom)

This is my go-to veggie burger as it never disappoints. This burger is not mushy, nor does it fall apart. These have a very nice texture and are freezer friendly.

Cauliflower Crumbles

This is one of my favorite hamburger substitutes. Use in recipes that ask for ground beef. Great in tacos, burritos, spaghetti sauce, shepherd’s pie, and lasagna.