Taco Seasoning

Making your own taco seasoning is easy and convenient while allowing you to control the sodium.

Marinara Sauce

Yield: makes about 3 ½ cups Ingredients Instructions How to use

Pickled Red Onions

These are quick and easy. Pickling onions takes away the sharp bite from raw onions and an excellent way to jazz up any salad. Red onions give a beautiful pop of color and flavor.

HP Sauce

This is more than a condiment. It makes a flavorful marinade. Yield: about 3 cups Ingredients Instructions How to use

Bay Leaf Powder

Yield: about ¼ cup from 20g package Instructions How to Use

Mushroom Powder

Mushrooms are known to support a healthy immune system. Having it in a powder form makes it convenient to add to almost any savory food.