Berbere (Ethiopian spice mix)

This is a flavorful, aromatic Ethiopian spice blend with earthy and slight sweet flavoring. It’s described to be hot and spicy. Commonly used in lentil dishes like Miri Wot (Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew)

Barley (how to cook)

Barley is a great, low fat grain, packed with nutrients. It adds a nice sweet chewy texture to soups and other cooked grains.

Prune Purée

Yes, you can use prune puree as an egg or a fat substitute in baking.

Cooking Dry Beans

Cooking dried beans at home is very rewarding and about a third of the cost of store bought.

Almond Butter

Yes, you can make your own almond butter at home.

Chinese Five Spice (without the pepper)

This is a unique combination of warm, sweet and spicy that needs to be experienced to appreciate its flavor. I found I prefered this spice without the added heat of the peppercorns thus have created my own blend that is a staple in my pantry.