Fluffy Brown Rice

Before my instant pot I use to struggle with making fluffy brown rice. I like to keep this recipe as a reference for anyone unfamiliar with how to cook rice.

Quinoa – stove top

Although quinoa is a seed, we call it a grain. I found quinoa to be one of the hardest grains to cook. From my experience, it was always mushy. Over …

One Minute Quinoa – instant pot

I follow the cooking directions to 1-Minute Quinoa that came with the Instant Pot. To keep your grains from getting mushy, pay close attention to the liquid to grain ratio.

Wild Rice – how to cook

Always wash wild rice before cooking and never add salt until the grain is cooked. Adding salt at the beginning will harden the outer bran and prevent water absorption.

Better Burger

Yield: about 907 g/2 lbs Ingredients Step One Step Two Note For those of you who are taking my classes, I found the best bulgur selection at Elsafadi Supermarket at …

Wild Rice Mushroom Soup

The flavor of this soup is outstanding! You may be tempted keep recipe just for company, but there is no special occasion required to enjoy this soup anytime.

Banana Waffles

Packed with healthy ingredients! Waffles aren’t just for breakfast. Enjoy these anytime!