Vegan Hot Dogs (with beets)

Who let the dogs out? Adapting the original recipe adds to the nutrition and you will not be disappointed!

How to Sprout Lentils

Lentils are one of the easiest things to sprout as it doesn’t need a lot of experience. Furthermore there is no expensive equipment required.

Potato Salad

Creamy delicious potato salad with vegan eggs.

How to Cook Green Lentils

Learn how to cook lentils perfect every time! The focus here is on green/brown lentils which I like to use in salads. I have found them tricky to cook as I like them to hold their shape and not mushy. 

Soy Sauce (what you need to know)

Soy sauce is traditionally used in Asian cooking, however because of it’s depth of flavor I find it to be an indispesable ingredient in plant-based cooking.