Pan Roasted Squash


  1. Squash can be pan roasted on stove top.
  2. Peel butternut squash and remove seeds, then cut into cubes. If using kabocha squash there is no need to peel as the peeling is tender and edible.
  3. Add squash to dry, preheated pan. Allow the heat from the pan to sear the squash while adjusting the heat as neccessary to prevent burning. Leave the squash undisturbed until it shows signs of browning. Once desired browning is achieved, add ΒΌ cup water, cover pan with lid and cook squash until very soft.
  4. Depending on your cookware and the heat of your stove top the water may have evaporated. Do not add extra water unless absolutely necessary. Once squash is tender, mash it and set aside 1 cup for the recipe.