Stop Sweet Potatoes from Turning Black & How to Pan Roast

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Pictured are white flesh, Japanese sweet potatoes which are easily found at Asian Supermarkets.

When cooking these sweet potatoes for Vanilla Ice Cream, I usually cook enough to make a double batch. (Enough for two Ninja Creami Deluxe canisters). That’s about 570 g/20 oz before peeling them.

From my experience, these potatoes can get dark spots, very quickly. Even while peeling them.

My solution is to have a bowl filled with water. After each potato is peeled, immediately put it in the water, making sure it is completely submerged.

When ready to cut the potatoes into smaller pieces, quickly put them back in the water. Leave them until ready to pan roast.

How to Pan Roast

Preheat pan and get it very hot before adding the potatoes. Test the pan by adding a light sprinkle of water. When the pan is hot enough to sear, the water will dance around the pan in a little ball, then will quickly evaporate. It is not necessary to add any oil.

Drain the potatoes and quickly add them to the pan. The residue of water will sputter and quickly evaporate. Allow the heat from the pan to sear the potatoes and adjust the heat as necessary so the potatoes don’t burn. Leave the potatoes undisturbed until they show signs of browning. Keep an eye on them so they don’t get too dark, although still tasty, it will affect the color of the ice cream.

Add about half cup of water, cover pan with lid, adjust the heat and cook the potatoes until very soft. (Or if using pressure cooker allow 3 minutes and let pressure drop naturally).

Depending on your cookware and the heat of your stove top the cooking water may have evaporated, or the potatoes may be quite moist. Either way, it’s okay. If you have cooking water left in the pan just mash it in with the potatoes otherwise mash them without adding additional water. (Once mashed, I weigh the total amount of the potatoes then divide the amount equally for each recipe). The potatoes are now ready to make the Ninja Creami Vanilla Ice Cream.