Dry Roasting Brussels Sprouts


  • Brussels sprouts


Cut the woody ends off the brussels sprouts and remove any of the bad leaves.

Cut the Brussels sprouts in half and, separate the loose leaves then give them a good wash. Be sure to drain off the excess water. A salad spinner can work well for this. Set the leaves aside.

Give the cut Brussels sprouts a quick rinse, drain off the excess water, but leave moist.

Carefully lay the Brussels sprouts, cut side facing down, in a hot pan. Cover with lid. It works best to use a lid that hugs the Brussels sprouts as this encloses the heat in a smaller area for them to cook/roast faster. A glass lid is also helpful to observe the progress.

Start with a medium to a medium high heat and adjust to prevent burning. Leave the Brussels sprouts undisturbed. The steam produced under the lid will aid in cooking and they will slowly roast. When Brussels sprouts are nicely roasted stir and flip them around to roast the other side. This is a good time to add the leaves. Cover to retain the heat and cook until Brussels sprouts are tender.

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