Raising Healthy Kids


Most parents would agree that raising healthy kids in our predominantly unhealthy food environment is more than challenging; it’s downright difficult. The cycle begins every morning as we rush to stay on time sensitive schedules in preparation for work and school. 

Midday meals may also include highly processed foods of burgers, fries, pizza and soft drinks. Research has shown these are disease-promoting foods yet they have become the accepted foods served in many school lunches.  

Unfortunately, our evenings are not much different as we hurry home to prepare meals for a hungry family. Consequently, easy meals become the everyday standby including take out, delivery, or highly processed packaged meals.

How do we ensure our children grow up healthy in a toxic food  environment? No loving parent deliberately sets out to make their children sick. Fortunately, our food trends are changing as parents become more aware of healthy food alternatives to help children flourish. I have found several resources to help you on your journey.

a) Healthy School Food Summit (HSFS)


Ron Gandiza and Amie Hamilin discuss the success of the Coalition for Healthy School Food program. To learn what you can do to put healthy foods in schools listen to the complete set of videos to The Healthy School Summit on Plant Pure TV. The series is free but you need to register to access them.


B) Cory Warren How to Help Your Kids Be whole food plant based Rock Stars

Cory Warren is a vegan athlete and father of three. Cory says... "With the right combination of marketing, education, communication, and hands-on experience, your kids will have the tools they need to become lean, green eating machines. If you haven't already, make sure to check out the Forks Over Knives Family cookbook; it has many family friendly recipes that your busy brood is sure to love." See Cory's fun video Lean Green Eating Machine.