How to Cook without Oil

Learning how to cook without oil is one of the easiest transitions to healthy eating you will make and I have provided a few video clips for those of you who prefer a visual aid. Over time, you will develop your own techniques and preferences as you learn to cook without oil. For example, here is how I make a stir-fry without oil.

Del Sroufe, Chef and Cookbook Author

Learning healthy cooking techniques always leads to improved health and with a health goal to lose weight we need to be creative and leave out the oil.

Chef Del Sroufe has lost over 200 pounds eating a whole food plant based no oil diet. He is author of several cookbooks notably Forks Over Knives. Chef Del was one of the first chefs to teach that it is not neccessary to use when we sauté.

Success begins with choices; small consistent choices make a big difference. 
Centre for Nutrition Studies

Nutritional facts about oil are provided in this link as well as a mini video with a no oil stir fry demonstration. These include sautéing, baking, roasting and deep-frying alternatives.

Great Oil Substitutes from UC Davis, Integrative Medicine
  • Broth and water are the most common oil replacements for stovetop cooking. But you can also use fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Spices bring out the flavors of food instead of smothering them. Add them to your stir-fry water or broth for a bit of zing!
  • Use unsweetened applesauce or banana to replace oil in baked goods. They add a little sweetness and lots of moisture.
  • Soaked dried fruits also work well in baking and they can add sweetness to sautéed veggies, too.