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So many of us have busy lifestyles trying to balance work, family, school and friendships. As we rush about our daily activities, it becomes all too easy to eat out, order in, and buy fast food. Shopping and prepping meals for cooking seems too time consuming. Yet our improved health depends on taking the time to change our eating habits.

We are responsible for our choices. Planning is key.

When I started to change my eating habits, I found it crucial to plan the evening before to determine what I was going to eat the following day. This habit was essential to curb my impulsive and unhealthy food behaviour.  It made meal preparation easy and kept me on track. Also, I quickly learned that it was best to not bring treats home as they always became an irresistible temptation.

If it’s in your house, it’s in your mouth. - Chef AJ

My transition to whole food plant based eating became easier when I found ways to convert our family favourites to healthier versions. My first changes were to make meat free chilli and spaghetti sauce. I found these to be easy changes to transition to meat free meals. 

I quickly discovered, whole grains and beans to be very satiating. I often would add a scoop of these to soups and salads to transform them into hearty complete meals. I also learned how to cook without oil.

Eventually I discovered how to make meat substitutes for Taco’s and Shepherd’s Pie.

Burger Delight  This recipe can be found on page 40 of a recipe collection put together by Fort Myers CHIP, now known as Pivio: The Complete Health Improvement Program. For a copy of more inspiring recipes click here for their PDF Download.

As I was transitioning to whole food plant based eating, grocery shopping and meal planning was time consuming. As I became familiar with my new foods choices, grocery shopping and meal preparation became a quick routine.

Though optional, I have discovered a few small kitchen appliances that have proven to be worthwhile investments as they put fun and simplicity into my food transition.


VitaMix Blender

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