Food Demonstrations

Straight Up Foods by Cathy Fisher

Cathy Fisher teaches at both the McDougall Program and TrueNorth Center in Santa Rosa, CA. She is well known for her whole food plant-based cooking classes that are gluten free as well as free from salt, sugar and oil. This link takes you to her cooking channel where you can watch how easy it is to put a recipe together.

Chef AJ

As I was going through my transition, I was inspired by several of Chef AJ's food demonstrations and her tasty recipes. Chef AJ is very famous in the whole food plant-based community and is the author of two books.

Books by Chef AJ
Jill Dalton - The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show

Jill Dalton has earned quite a reputation with her commitment to serving plant based meals to her family.  This link takes you to her cooking channel where you can pick and choose recipes that sound appealing to you and your family.

Jane and Ann Esselstyn, whole food plant based cookbook authors

Jane and Ann are the daughter and wife of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn from Forks Over Knives and the author of the book How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. In this video they explain the plant perfect guidelines to their new Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook.

Check out their fun and fast-paced YouTube cooking channel for all their cooking demos here.