Early Founders to Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle

There is hope - we can improve our health

After I recovered from my own declining health by following a whole food plant based diet, I became inspired to teach so I could share self-empowering information from scientific evidence based sources.  I am including some of the resources I’ve used and reviewed.   

The Internet can be a wonderful teaching tool but it can also be overwhelming…and confusing.  There are many “experts” ready to advise you…so who should you listen to?   This is not an exhaustive list of resources by any means, but hopefully you will be able to start here and expand your own knowledge and self-empowerment. 

Nutrition, Disease and Recovery


A comprehensive source for information on food, nutrition, disease, vitamins and minerals derived from whole, unprocessed foods that will lead you to health is Dr. Michael’s Greger’s site.  Dr. Greger and his team review every article published in the medical nutrition journals each year.  They have expertise in research design and analysis and know when findings are valid …  or not.   

This website is easy to navigate.  From the top of the home simply enter what it is that you are looking for in the search field.  You can search for any topic from diabetes, heart disease or cancerOr you can enter something like Coumadin, omega 3 or specific supplements or foods from potatoes to leafy greens.  All related videos and transcripts include a complete list of  references used.

Leading Experts

The list of whole food plant based doctors is steadily growing. Listed, are some of the early founders who kept persistent to get the information out to the public, on how a whole food plant based lifestyle can prevent and reverse many modern lifestyle diseases. To check out posted videos from these professionals go to https://www.youtube.com. Enter the desired name in the search field and all their videos will appear.

  • Dr. Neal Barnard
  • Dr. Colin Campbell
  • Brenda Davis RD (author, speaker, consultant)
  • Dr. Hans Diehl
  • Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
  • Dr. Joel Furhman
  • Dr. Alan Goldhamer
  • Dr. Doug Lisle (psychologist)
  • Dr. John McDougall
  • Dr. Michael Klaper
  • Dr. Dean Ornish
  • Dr. Pam Popper