Complete Health Improvement Program

    After I recovered from my own declining health by following a whole food plant based lifestyle, I became inspired to teach others. I found that they too improved their health from losing weight to reducing their blood pressure. Some had significant drops in their cholesterol. Many experienced a reduction in their arthritic pain. With their doctor’s permission, several were able to come off medications while others were able to cut back.

    Participants have asked for additional education to understand the causes and effects of lifestyle choices on overall health and chronic diseases. To meet their needs, I became a licensed and certified CHIP facilitator. All are welcome to attend the information sessions to learn about this evidence-based program.


    To register for a class or for more information, contact Yvonne. 

     [email protected] 



    January 31, 2019: 7-9pm

    Feb 4 - Mar 14, 2019

    PHASE ONE: Lifestyle is the Best Medicine

    1. Feb 4 The Rise of Chronic Disease
    2. Feb 5 Lifestyle is the Best Medicine
    3. Feb 7 The Common Denominator of Chronic Disease

    PHASE TWO: Optimal Lifestyle

    1. Feb 11 The Optimal Lifestyle
    2. Feb 12 Eat More, Weigh Less
    3. Feb 14 Fiber, Your Best Friend
    4. Feb 18 Disarming Diabetes
    5. Feb 19 The Heart of the Matter – Heart Health
    6. Feb 21 Controlling Blood Pressure and Discovering Protein
    7. Feb 25 Bone Health Essentials
    8. Feb 26 Cancer Prevention

    PHASE THREE: Set for Success

    1. Feb 28 Become What You Believe–Your DNA is NOT Your Destiny
    2. Mar 4 Practicing Forgiveness
    3. Mar 5 Re-engineering Your Environment

    PHASE FOUR: Pause and Reflect

    1. Mar 7 Understanding Your Results and Taking Action

    PHASE FIVE: Health to Happiness

    1. Mar 11 Stress Relieving Strategies
    2. Mar 12 Fix How You Feel
    3. Mar 14 From Surviving to Thriving


    Saturday. March 16, 2019: 5pm